Here's a summary of the tools that I'm using for developing Revengate.

World building and backstories

I do all of the writing on paper first. The feeling of the pen gliding on the page helps to transport me to a different world. I write at least on A5 page for each new monster or NPC.

  • Moleskine A5 notebook: the size is perfect but the thin paper limits my choices of inks.
  • fountain pen: one of Lamy Safari, Lamy 2000, TWSBI Vac700R, or Faber Castell Ambition
  • Noodler's ink: current rotation is Black, Brown #41, Baltimore Canyon Blue, Eel Cactus Fruit, and Apache Sunset.
  • candle
  • coffee or absinthe
  • yould for name generation

I usually keep two pens inked at a time. One for notes, one for stories. After I sit down, I don't get up until I have at least one page written.

My next notebook is probably going to be a Midori. I also love the feel of Tomoe River paper, so that's another option. Midori is dries faster and has excellent lay-flat binding.


  • kate (recent version with LSP and command palette support)
  • Concentration on desktop
  • LeechBlock NG on mobile
  • Ubuntu 21.10

The morning is my prime mental time and I want to use it on something productive. I allow myself only 5 minutes of news reading before lunch. I allow myself a few longer sessions in the afternoon.

I have a local dnss gateway to keep encrypted DNS support while using Concentration.


  • Thinkpad X1 Gen.7
  • Thinkvision M14 external monitor: very travel friendly, no glare, same feel at the Thinkpad screen
  • Samson GoMic: minimalist directional microphone
  • Tex Shinobi keyboard with Cherry Brown switches

The GoMic is mounted on the secondary monitor, which itself sits on it's felt carry sleeve. This is usually good enough to dampen most of the keyboard vibration. The microphone being directional helps to remove a lot of the ambient noise form my audio feed.

The Shinobi is an excellent mechanical keyboard with a usable trackpoint pointer. I suffered acute wrist tendinitis many years ago and I have stayed away from mice ever since. The keys are individually lubed and 1.5mm 40a o-rings dampen the sound while providing a nice absorbing feel at the end of the travel. I love the typing feeling with this keyboard. Contrary to what many bloggers are claiming, lubricating the brown key switches didn't remove the tactile bump.